Work/LifeGet the balance right

Work to live, or live to work? Balancing the two isn’t easy.
You can spend years finding the right combination.

Or, how about you blur the lines between both? The Regent will let you do just that, with the opportunity for both you and your family to enjoy a new Seaside Way of Life.

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The Regent, a hotel business in St Ives, is now available to purchase

A Seaside Way of Life awaits you with a unique opportunity to purchase a viable and successful business in St Ives, Cornwall. The Regent will allow the buyer to both make a living and pursue the life they want to lead in St Ives, Cornwall.

The Regent can be adapted to run the way you want. A completely separate flat The Regent Studio can be used as owners’ accommodation, let out in its own right, or modified for use as an artists’ studio, coffee shop, craft workshop or similar.


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